Direct Family Ministries

Royal Holly Cares Foundation was organized with our local community in mind for “Meeting Needs, Building Hope”. Each day we are introduced to families within our community that are struggling on a day to day basis who could benefit from someone who is willing to help. With multiple families and individuals looking for support, RHCF is able to reach out in many ways. RHCF members create a box with personalized bibles for each family member that receives help from the foundation. For many of the families, these personalized bibles are the first bible they have ever owned. The financial donations and contributions to RHCF are being put to work each day as Christ allows us to minister to those in need.

Zuniga Family

In April, Ms. Zuniga was facing tough times and struggling to make ends meet. Royal Holly Cares stepped in to help with a rent payment and followed up with personalized bibles for the family. RHCF also provided a care package for a member of the Zuniga family that was serving in the Armed Forces in Japan.

Clague Family

In November, Mrs. Clague was headed to work as her car broke down and pulled into the parking lot of the Royal Holly Cares Foundation office. Days later we noticed the vehicle was still in the parking lot with a note from the owners stating they were needing time to order parts and repair the car themselves. After another week of no change, RHCF called and offered to help the family with repairing the vehicle. She had mentioned they were struggling due to the fact that she had lost her job because of a lack of transportation, as well as, her disabled husband was in the midst of multiple surgeries and needed caring for. With another bump in the road and added stress of how to get her vehicle fixed to continue working, RHCF was able to step in and take care of the repairs and get this family back on their feet. The family of 5 were given personalized bibles as part of RHCFs ministry efforts.

Within days, Mrs. Clague had called to notify RHCF that she was able to apply for several new positions and had scheduled multiple interviews with hopes she would find a new job and get her family back on track. With a word of gratitude and thanks from the Clagues, RHCF was able to help this family in a tangible way that directly impacted their lives on a day to day basis by showing God’s grace and love to those in need.

Brawner Family

In November, Royal Holly Cares assisted in financing the dental care for a young lady in the Brawner Family. A personalized bible was provided for the young lady as well.